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Article: Make a Statement with Our Women's Designer Hats

Make a Statement with Our Women's Designer Hats

Make a Statement with Our Women's Designer Hats

If you are that one in a million seeking luxury, style, and uniqueness in your headwear, Kosstom is the solution you're looking for. Style is a form of self-expression and is unique to all. When you wear a designer hat, you showcase your feminine side and personality through your fashion sense.

Shop from our wide collection of wool and straw hats, hand-crafted and embroidered, inspired by vintage designs, cultures, and travels combined intricately with our embroidery experience. There is a hat for every season, from sophisticated to elegantly simple styles, ready to amp up your outfit.

The Psychology Behind Donning Headwear

Although functional, hats do more than just protect you from the sun, rain, wind, and cold weather. What a person feels, their level of self-confidence, and their mood are reflected in the choice of hat for the day. Now, if you see a person wearing a cozy baseball cap with a casual outfit, you will think the person is a laid-back type, just enjoying life in the moment.

And if you were to see a person wearing a beanie or wooly cap looking cool, your mind would immediately think trendy and edgy. The type of hat you choose to wear will speak volumes about you in addition to either making a statement or adding that style element to your outfit.

Choosing The Ideal Hat For Your Special Occasion

A hat is more than just an accessory and finding the right one can be tricky. A hat that reflects your style can either make or break your outfit for the day. Picking a hat for special occasions calls for a match with your physique, your taste, and of course, the moment. There are equally intriguing shapes available, from Boater hats to wide-brim Panama hats and more! Pick out the shapes you're interested in and then explore your perfect-fitting hat.

Always Match Your Hat To Your Physique

Let your hat balance your body dimension rather than exaggerating it. Hats with upturned brims and tall crowns make you seem taller, while hats with down-turned and wide brims make you seem shorter.

Keep in mind that the brim of the hat you choose shouldn't be wider than your shoulder's width. If you have a larger build, you can get away with broader-brimmed hats.

Know Your Face Shape And Match Your Hat Style Accordingly

Did you know that even though there is variety in hat styles, not all go well with different face types? Pairing the right hat with the right face type helps you pull off the designer look with elegance.


Finally, Consider Your Personality And Outfit

Pair your hat color with your outfit, or better a color that suits your personality and also blends generally well with your closet. If you are an outgoing person with an outfit to match, the perfect hat would include something with a wide brim, like boaters and Bretons.

If you're being vintage elegant for the day, cloches, fascinators, and classy pillbox-style hats are the best. Say you're the boyish type, then fedoras, beanies, and ballcaps are all the rage. And to go with a boho style, wide-brimmed hats like fedoras, floppy, and berets are the right match.

Come Make A Statement With Designer Hats For Women From Kosstom

At Kosstom, we draw on craftsmanship honed for centuries to craft perfect luxury hats with embroidery finish. Our handmade expertise combines traditional hat-making techniques with contemporary designs to create timeless masterpieces. Here is a look at some of our most popular in-store selling designer hats.

Eugenia in Navy

Handmade in Spain, this boater hat is inspired by the Cordobes style featuring a moulded crown in navy blue and a stiffened brim. The hat is made from premium wool felt and consists of a ribbon adorned with delicate embroidery, encircling the crown, and a soft leather sweatband underneath.


Flippa is a timeless fedora with a classic brown hue whose crown adorns a contrasting tonal ribbon, perfect for your wardrobe addition. Look closely, and you'll find that the fine embroidery details include mosaic elements. Featuring a stiffened brim and a size-adjustable cotton sweatband, Flippa makes an effortless statement with every outfit you can pick.


The Giovanna is also a handmade boater hat inspired by the Cordobes style with a navy blue moulded crown and stiffened brim. The hat is made from premium wool felt and features a simple grosgrain embellished with intricate embroidery encircling the crown, and a soft leather sweatband underneath.


A pleasant large-brimmed boater Hat, Valeria features a stiff brim embroidered with a delicate hand-made flower design, that comes in pink and red. The handwoven wheat-braid offers a structured fit and its wide brim gives you the ultimate sun protection. The Valeria is available on a Made to Order basis.

These are but a few of our women's designer hats! Browse through our entire designer collection and check for availability before heading to checkout. Feel free to reach out to our customer service at HELLO@KOSSTOM.COM or contact us with your queries and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

As we like to say, Things of quality take time. So make a statement through our collections of designer hats for women that encourage you to show up at the moment and live every minute of it, hoarding precious memories and feelings. Come join us as we create your timeless custom moment.

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