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At Kosstom, from day one we have made quality and responsibility part of our values, towards you, and also towards the environment.

Our Commitments


Women wear many hats in their lives, daughter, mother, sister, friend, employee, entrepreneur. There are many dimensions to them, and they are never just one thing or the other. Kosstom is inspired by the strength, individuality and multi -faceted nature of the women we know and those we’ve met along the way. We celebrate the women who find strength in their uniqueness and enjoy the beautiful things in life. The free spirits who live life out loud and unapologetically. Our aim is to craft quality pieces that represents a sense of narrative and empower women to show up in every moment like they’re meant to be there. We believe a hat is an index to the personality of the wearer and the blend of femininity, style and stories forms the core of what we create at Kosstom.
To help achieve this, an amazing and eclectic team of women from different backgrounds and generations are involved in all aspects of what we do at Kosstom. Each day we strive to adorn and embrace the countless facets of our personalities, explore untapped moments, and continue writing the story of life. We choose to start over and reinvent ourselves again and again because we believe a good life, a great life is about “Why not?” Together we hope we have the honour of gracing your head with one of our pieces.  


Kosstom has taken inspiration from across the world – from boundless cultures and people to create pieces that have unique and timeless flair. Reflecting understated sophistication and versatility, our pieces are designed to make the hat your go-to accessory to express your personality and set the stage for your life’s memorable moments. All of our designs are sketched, detailed and brought to life in house. Our hats are made to last a lifetime, to tell your stories. Our hope is that you’ll enjoy our pieces for many years – and maybe even pass them down to future generations.


Each piece is handmade in a little charming town in Spain, carefully put together by our skilled artisans, dedicating three generations of passion and experience into each hat. Each piece is manufactured in limited quantities in line with our slow fashion ethos. Our embroidery, stitching and sewing work is carefully put together by a small team of amazing women with over 50 years weaving, sewing and embroidery experience. Within the team, we promote collaborative working that promotes brainstorming and engagement. Our diverse team is a true reflection of the beautiful pieces we create, simplicity and refined femininity.


Fundamentally, Kosstom is guided by the ethos of conscious consumption. We strongly believe in high quality and we focus on what really matters; sustainable and durable materials, created for occasional and every day wear. Each piece is designed to be timeless and in your wardrobe for many years to come.
Every part of our process from sourcing, design to cutting, production, sewing, labelling and packaging is carefully managed to provide you with the best quality pieces and reduce waste. Our small-scale approach production line lends itself to minimal waste of straw and resources as much as possible. Limited quantities of pieces are created for each collection.


Real craftsmanship reflects real caring, and real caring reflects our attitude about ourselves, about people, and about life."
We believe the perfect hat implores you to express yourself in every moment, teasing out the different parts of who you and the parts you dream of - casual, elegant, mysterious, cool, flirty... Kosstom represents a versatile but enduring feminine quality where women can explore and celebrate their individuality in memories to remember.  We design quality handcrafted designs to elevate your head game. Creating our own custom moments.